Solar tekne-güneş enerjili elektrikli tekne-gezi teknesi - elektrikli pedal boat, deniz bisikleti-elektrikli kapsül katamaran tekne, jet türbin balıkçılık sporu teknesi

Design Registered Product
( Tüm Tasarım ve Üretim Hakları TEKNOSGROUP / Nadir DÜLGEROĞLU’na aittir )

Hunting Series SunBird-EW Boats;

Teknos EcoMarine manufactures solar and electric boats for amateur and professional hunting. In addition, fossil fueled engines are also used in the boats with electric motors. Taking into account the qualities required for water fishing, the designs are made by Mehmet TAŞANYÜREK and Nadir DÜLGEROĞLU, who are the first Turkish designers to design Ferrari. These boats are designed and produced according to the purpose.

Teknos Eco Marine hunting boats:

All design and manufacturing rights belong to TeknosGroup safari and hunting boats are manufactured in our own shipyard, all the local design and manufacturing can provide continuous support to users. Necessary areas of use have been established and equipment has been added to the boats specially designed for fishing. Electronic equipment and fish finder systems required for hunting have been integrated into the boat and hunting has been made enjoyable. These boats are given importance to every need of the user and all kinds of comfort. Capsule can be used in all weather conditions all year round with the advantage of being a boat, heating and cooling air conditioning system is available. The auto-opening windscreen and rear cover provide efficient use in hunting with a platform. Teknos Ecomarine, which is the leader in our country in the field of electric marine vehicles, designed the product with the highest safety coefficient by being sensitive about the hunter series boats.

In the world, our hunting boats, which have no precedent in its category, are manufactured with all kinds of safety and functionality in mind. Hobby hunting will be a trend in marine vehicles. Equipped with the latest technologies of our age, the vehicles not only provide the safety of the users, but also provide ease of vehicle tracking. These boats; designs, functionality and operating systems are unique in the world. It creates trend with its concept and presents prestige together. With its advanced technology, ease of use is the most important feature. The boat can be traced and intervened from anywhere in the world.

Body Structure: Production with composite vacuum infusion system, maximum strength, double deck buoyant body design

  • Carrying Capacity: 4 persons
  • Solar Panel: Flexible, marine series high efficiency
  • Drive System: Externally mounted turbine jet system
  • Motor Type: 24-48 Volt AC motor, electronic control system
  • Lighting System: All lightings marine serial led technology
  • Dimensions: Length = 350cm, Width = 180cm, Height = 190cm

Boat infrastructure (Air Cavity Technology)

The hull bottom design of the boat belongs to Teknos Eco Marine and provides maximum energy saving. The feature of the sub-design is that the structure that cuts the contact between water and the boat reduces the coefficient of friction to minimum levels and enables the boat to slide on the water with less energy. Air is blown by a special system under the hull, which only takes place when the hull is in motion. Specially developed to prevent clogging, the air valves have a long service life and are non-corrosive. Air pressure and blowing are performed by a separate blower fan.

Solar Panel Technology

Flexible, laminated marine series solar panels are manufactured with advanced technology in accordance with all weather conditions and wet environment. There is one fixed and second sliding panel on the boat roof. When the boat is out of use or optional, the second panel automatically slides forward to create a larger area and obtains the maximum electricity required by the boat from the sun. The world’s most advanced and highly efficient panels are used in this regard.

Turbine Jet Compact Water Drive Technology

The drive system, which is one of the most important systems of the boat, has been developed with the latest technology and many systems have been assembled in a single hull. The engine is integrated with the turbine and runs completely in water, eliminating the problem of overheating, maximizing engine life and non-heating engine always at maximum performance. The turbine system, which is an external module, is mounted to the boat with a very simple application and can be replaced easily in case of failure. The boat does not lose service time during working hours and resumes service.

Motor and Turbine System;

Compact turbine system with skid, which can be mounted and removed externally to the hull, is a special design and all rights are reserved by the company.
The turbine system, which was designed not to harm the people in the sea and at the same time, was developed and manufactured by Teknotech, a subsidiary of Teknos. At the same time, the engine and motor drives inside the turbine are completely designed and manufactured by us. The biggest difference of the system from other turbines is that it provides maximum performance by using the pressure water coming from the front.

GPS Tracking and Remote Control System

All remote monitoring and control of the boats are performed with GPS technology. In the satellite communication system, each boat has its own code and can be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world. The operator can control one or more operations at the same time from the center. The operator is provided with a software-installed tablet computer for operation and follow-up, a joystick-controlled remote control unit, which is integrated into the system and is mounted on the tablet and can be hung on the neck or operated as a console. Optionally, the software is installed on other computers for remote monitoring of the operator.

GPS Control system applications;

  • Tracking the position of boats
  • Speed ​​control and limitation
  • Offshore distance limitation (virtual barrier system)
  • Monitoring of battery status (charge status and temperature)
  • Monitoring of motors, heating and speed control
  • Remote switching on and off the boat lights
  • Remote fault monitoring
  • Intercom audio connection with boat
  • Boat berthing with remote control
  • How many hours and minutes of the boat rental tracking
  • Solar panel charging tracking
  • Wave level monitoring

Body Structure and Technologies;

The design of the boat has been made in digital environment and the most suitable result has been reached for usage, water efficiency, wind and water resistance and driving safety. The body model, which is designed in digital environment, has been processed with CNC robot system in order to eliminate production errors. The composite material body is produced with advanced technology vacuum infusion technology and product quality homogeneity is maximized. The lower body is covered with flexible material as a precaution against impacts and breaks, eliminating the risk of water ingress. Flexible polyurethane integral antibacterial material coated inside the boat providing comfort and non-slip. The whole body is made of non-flammable B1 level material.
Catamaran is applied under the body, the rights belong to our company and offers the system of the future. A slippery layer is formed by blowing air between the water and the vessel and the bottom friction of the vessel is completely eliminated. Maximum energy saving is provided.

Motor Drive Technologies;

Teknos Ecomarine is one of the most important systems of its own design and production of motor and motor drives are working with 95% efficiency. Low voltage high current system provides safety during use and offers multifunction control. Systems specially designed and manufactured for wet and humid environments are maintenance-free and have a long service life. The torque and speed control function avoids unnecessary energy losses and at the same time allows the boat to accelerate above its capacity.

Balance and Stabilization System;

The most important factor in the boats is the balance element, so many small boats sink. Our boats are equipped with an automatic stabilization and stabilization system, which adjusts the overall balance of the boat with four water tanks, and automatically provides the balance that is deteriorated as a result of relocation. Stable driving comfort distinguishes the boat among its peers.