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Meet Jennifer Downey, founder and president of Ambiance adult stores of northeast Ohio.

A Successful Labor of Love Creates Ambiance Stores

The combination of brains, beauty and business panache has served Jennifer Downey, President of Ambiance, Inc., well. She studied acting & business in New York City, worked as a model & became Cleveland’s first female stock trader (one of only 3 in the country) in 1978.

Going from the boardroom to the bedroom, Downey was instrumental in the creation of The Store For Lovers, turning a home party start-up into one of the most recognized brands in Northeast Ohio. Her company has been repeatedly honored for their World Class Customer Service, and the “Best Customer Experience” award has been given to the chain of stores numerous times.

Jennifer has garnered numerous awards & accolades: an Athena™ Awards finalist; named “Small Business Person of the Year” Runner-up by the US Small Business Administration; named “Retail Rainmaker of the Year”; and is one of the region’s most recognizable female executives.

Downey has served on COSE, the Cleveland Chapter of NAWBO, and Plexus – the NE Ohio Chamber of Commerce for the LGBT Community & Allies. She was a member of the Board of Directors of Gay Games 9, one of Northeast Ohio’s most successful events, which brought millions of dollars into the region.

Always happy to donate her time and expertise for a good cause, Downey contributes regularly to many organizations. Downey has achieved celebrity status with frequent media coverage and appearances on radio talk shows and in numerous TV and print interviews. She is also a popular speaker for women’s and business groups.


  1. I have no problem with what she sells in her stores. But when she puts that filth on TV in a commercial that crosses all lines of Civility and decency. It depicts a woman masturbating with a vibrator saying if that sound reminds you when you have a toothbrush then…..
    There is no shame in this world. I’m sure she’s okay with the commercial because she was the one that would have signed off on it.

    • I like her products what she puts on TV there is nothing wrong with it, people need to grow up, if do not like what she puts on TV change the channel…

  2. I shop all the time at the Cuyahoga Falls store,

    Just the other day I was visiting the store and purchasing a few items for my wife for Christmas
    and the sales person was so awesome to me explaining everything to me right down to the detail
    about the products that I believed in her knowledge, I think the sales persons name was Beth, I
    have to say that I wish that inside of my company that I had more people with the knowledge like
    the sales person that helped me, I will continue shopping there for along time to come I will also bring my wife to the store to get more knowledge for her from your sales person Beth

    Please thank her for being such a awesome sales person to me.

    Thank you again, John

    • Thank you for the kind words, John! We are so glad that you enjoyed your shopping experience with us and we will definitely share your comment with our Cuyahoga Falls store!

  3. I was there for the first time today. The sales people were so kind and knowledgeable. I’ve always done “adult” shopping online. From now on I will go to the store!


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