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Steak and Bl**job Day

Steak & Blowjob Day

Valentine’s Day Is Over… What Now?

After the efforts we all made in the days leading up to Valentine’s day, something more relaxing might be fun.

Somebody, somewhere, recognized this need, and set about developing another special day, one tailored to ensure some joint R&R downtime.

After much reflection, searching, and deep, thoughtful consideration, the settled consensus is “Steak and Blowjob Day”, a counterweight to Valentine fluffiness. It’s celebrated exactly one month after V-day on March 14th (a Saturday this year). The big day is just around the corner.

With that in mind, and as a public service, we at Ambiance would like to offer a few  suggestions on how to make this year’s Steak and Blowjob day truly memorable.

Part 1: The Perfect Steak:

First on the curriculum is background info about steak. Kitchn.com has lots of useful information about the cuts of beef you want to consider for steak. Click over to Kitchn.com Steak Cuts to see what the options are.

After you’re done researching cuts of beef, hop on over to The Stay At Home Chef for a helpful primer on how to grill steak perfectly every time. It’ll be well worth the effort.

In the event either of you is a vegetarian, or not a fan of red meat, you can still celebrate this special day by cooking the perfect vegan steak, courtesy of Loving It Vegan

If you’d rather not cook, and prefer to save your energy for Part 2 of Steak and Blowjob day, set up a dinner out at a decadent steakhouse restaurant. Cleveland has too many to count, and you probably have a favorite establishment you like to patronize. Whatever the case, the perfect steak, whether cooked at home or on the town, is but the prologue.

Part 2: The Perfect Blowjob

You may already have your own special techniques for fabulous fellatio. If so, congratulations to the lucky beneficiary. Nevertheless, in honor of this special day, and in the interest of variety,  seek out some tips and tricks to add to your skill set. This is where Ambiance, The Store for Lovers can be your best friend.

Drop in to one of our 7 locations in Northeast Ohio for a variety of helpful, interesting ideas and supplies! Take your pick of oral enhancements – from numbing throat sprays that help you stay orally alert, to flavored lotions for an additional tasty touch, or to tiny tongue vibrators that’ll make your mouth buzz!

We even have a couple of books that will help to hone your skills. However you choose to enhance the experience will, without a doubt, add to fellating fun.

It will be a highlight of many men’s lives when a delicious rare steak is followed by a well-done BJ!

(In the comments below, please tell us your favorite place to enjoy a perfect steak)


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